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Ryan Murphy is one of the most cruel bullies on TV.








Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee is, for me, one of the biggest bullies on television.

With the proposal of a telling a story about unpopular kids in high school, he took advantage of the struggle of young and twisted for his own pleasure.

More than that, he even used actors personal torments for that. For example, Chris. We all know how badly he was bullied when he was younger and then Ryan made a whole story about bullying, which was fine in season two, as is served to awareness people about this problem. But, it didn’t last long. As soon as he got angry at Chris at the end of the second season everything went downhill. If you want an example, just watch “I am a unicorn”. In that episode, the bullying on Kurt was heavy, and what it’s worst, it didn’t ended well for him, as no excuse was made to his character. It was just the beginning of a series of misfortunes events for the character, only this time no one was blamed. Now, on a even more personal aspect, Ryan used some character (as Sebastian and Cody) to personally insult Chris (with things like gay face and tiny teeth, which we know it is things Chris was called). Even the fact that Chris doesn’t like to smile or open his mouth to sing comes from that trauma, but it didn’t stopped Ryan for using it to offend the character.

He also did the same thing to Cory, which we know, struggled with drug addiction by making his father on the show a military who died of overdose, putting Cory face to face with his demons. No sympathy was showed to him until his death, but then it was too late for Ryan to make a tribute to him. We have to praise people when it matters.

I’m sure he did a lot more offensive things to other actors too, like not putting Jenna on the cover of the Glee movie, an original actress of the show.

But then he made things like, The New Normal e The Normal Heart and everyone suddenly falls in love with him again. Sorry, to me.

Ryan is smart and knows how to play with the audience. He gets awards and prestige while continue to insult and humiliate people. That’s why I don’t like him. That’s why I don’t support any of his projects.

I read this, and I thought “maybe he’s not that bad” for a minute. And then I remembered that within the last day or two, I saw a post on my dash that said Naya will be singing a song on Glee that is sung by her ex fiance, with his supposed current girlfriend.

there’s also “trouty mouth.” Chord has said that he never was self-conscious about his lips and mouth until that insult was thought up.

Then there was also the comment, I think said by Brittany, about “cool epilepsy” that couldn’t have been a fun thing for Chris to hear because of his sister.

This is why Ryan likes to glorify abusers on his shows, because he himself is one.

Did you know what when PUC aired there were people who thought Cory was going to be in it because it was advertised as being a “unaired episode”?

FOX and Glee manipulated non fandom fans into thinking Cory was going to be in that episode. There were these fans on the Glee fb page completely distressed and crying saying they only tuned in for Cory because he was in all the other xmas episodes and what with the way it was advertised they thought they’d have lost footage of him. It wasn’t until other fans told them it had only just been filmed a few weeks before that it dawned on them. I saw so many messages of “Glee wouldn’t do that” well actually they would if it meant getting higher ratings. At the end of the day Ryan only cares about money and how he can exploit the actors around him. Everything about PUC was just spiteful and cruel. 

Unaired Christmas was only made to sell their Christmas music. That’s all. We didn’t even get out Klaine Christmas duet out of it. That’s why I watched it. It was horrible and demeaning to say the least.

lol this douche is a fucker because if the spoilers are true, making Blaine dating Kurt tormentor is so fucked that i don’t even want to thing how fucked shit this is. 

Ya’ll 😳

Anonymous said: (PR child anon) even though my mom works exclusively with Athletes, the process is still pretty much universal around the board. They are in the business of selling. Selling you to the masses. How though? Image. Create and stabilize an image that builds the most attention. (sometimes good, an sometimes bad) for example, Chris. (1 of )


An openly gay male who has gone from being picked on and shut down, to one of the top males on television. He’s inspirational. Role model materiel. Showing no bridge is to big. No mountain is too high. A PR’s wet dream. Who doesn’t love a good underdog rising to the top? Answer? No one. Marketing. Gold. Now, with Darren. (2 of)

We can go two options. Gay male playing a gay male? Pretty boring. Been there, done that. Or, Straight male, playing a gay male? Ooooo, acceptance!! Let’s go this angle. Straight man not afraid to kiss a man. Shows that “it’s not a big deal”, “I’m super comfortable in my own sexuality.” “Ally.” “you’re not alone”…. Can you just imagine the offers we will get?!! Here’s this guy: smart, attractive, down to earth, AND open minded!! BUY HIM!! (3 of)

But the problem with selling a gay actor as straight, who´s not afraid to kiss another man, who´s a great ally, who´s so brave.. is, that said actor has to stay in the closet forever, or face the backlash that comes with coming out. And that wont be because he´s gay, it will be because he sold himself as that brave alley, while really he´s gay. And he´ll be viewed as a big hypocrite for posing as a brave alley, who constantly told us to be ourselves, when he himself was hiding in the closet. (4 of)

They sale that image. That fantasy. And guess what, we buy it. It will sale. Every.damn.time. (5 of 5)

Very very interesting. What I’ve read here makes a lot of sense. I usually take these posts with a grain of salt but I think this anon is possibly legit and I hope to hear from them again.


Now is the idea of a guy marrying his high school sweetheart more unrealistic or the idea that a guy would date the love of his life’s former tormentor who physically and emotionally hurt him every day in addition to sexually assaulting him and threatening to kill him? You be the judge of that.


Why do Klaine kisses have to be such a moment in scenes? I want lazy, love filled kisses that aren’t giant moments.

The “You pick the movie, I’ll be right back" quick peck on the lips.

The “You are so attractive in everything you wear, stop stressing" soft, slow and…


Literally my math teacher abandoned today’s lesson because some kid brought his kitten to school i don’t even know


Chris answers fan question from: Wendy Crissmass ;)

"If you could choose any existing song, to be the theme song for the book, what would it be and why?"

"…Somewhere Only We Know…Darren covered it in the show…"

The moment CrissColfer shippers eyes grew huge and were left speechless.

Of all the songs in the world, he chose this song and the only Glee cast member named was “Darren.”

:D ♥



Still can’t get enough of this. Pure sweetness

Puppy eyes



Still can’t get enough of this. Pure sweetness

Puppy eyes

They taste good tho 

They taste good tho 

I’ve dreamt about marrying Prince Charming ever since I saw my first Disney musical — I just never thought it would be possible. But the world’s changed, and… more than anything, I want Blaine and me to be a part of that change.

I’m eating my whole body


Anonymous prompted: Married, long time going without sex, Kurt comes home one night to find a very scruffy disheveled Blaine, drinking alone, they undress each other sensually, and they have rough, wild sex. 

I was also inspired by missbeizy and judearaya's great porn off of 2014, so I thought I’d tag along and try to play in the big leagues*

They haven’t had a quiet dinner at home in weeks, either missing each other entirely or one of them rushing in the door with takeout that they eat in front of the television before the other rushes out again, and there is something so quietly satisfying about washing dishes while Blaine dries, on an evening where they have no where to go and nothing to do, the apartment lit softly yellow with fairy lights, just the sound of the running water and the tick tick tick of the clock on the wall.

Kurt passes over a plate dripping wet from the sink, smiles as he watches Blaine rub it dry. There isn’t anything particularly erotic about it, other than it’s Blaine and sometimes Blaine doing nothing but breathing and standing in place and existing is enough to make Kurt flush with fond arousal. But this is not fond arousal, him with his arms elbow deep in murky dishwater, bits of lettuce floating on the top, body frozen and eyes glued to Blaine’s hand rubbing and rubbing and rubbing at that plate.

Kurt wants to grab it and smash it on the floor and climb onto Blaine’s lap to ride him into oblivion.

Where the hell did that come from?

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  • 16 year old child: mom, dad: I'm gay/lesbian/bi/pan
  • Straight parents: you're too young to know what your sexuality is! It's just a phase.
  • Baby boy: *stares at a baby girl for no reason other than the fact that babies stare at everything*
  • Straight parents: oooh! Ladies man! We're gonna have to keep the girls offa you!

I could just watch this all day long.


I could just watch this all day long.