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I really want CrissColfer fans to shut the fuck up.


And we really want Chill/Miarren shippers to shut the fuck up. But we can’t always get what we want

Ahhh, missed my french toast 💕

Ahhh, missed my french toast 💕


Don’t fuck with Ed’s love

ajumeteendu said: So you went to a CHRIS COLFER signing. For a book CHRIS COLFER wrote. And you thought it would be a good idea to ask a question about DARREN CRISS. Cool man, really shows how much you actually like Chris. Do everybody a favor and just stay home next time and just watch a Darrenpic or something.


I know responding to this at all is just feeding a troll, but. 

a) I haven’t gone to any Chris signings. So I’m not sure what you think I asked him, or if you’re just choosing to aim your douchebag reaction over the Glee Live question at me for fun. 

b) The question Chris got asked was. about. Glee. Live. As in, that concert tour series that Chris was a part of. The question was to Chris, about the skits Chris and Darren did. It held relevance to his career. Chris clearly did not mind answering. You and all those idiots waving the ‘consent’ issues argument to try and cover how pissy they get when anything crisscolfer happens and you can’t immediately deflect it back to what you ship are the ones that need to get over yourselves. 

c) “Shows how much you really like Chris.” That I got excited over him answering the Glee live question? Well, you’re right, I guess that does show how much I like him. And Darren. As in, I like them both equally and I like them both more when linked to the other. That’s why I ship them. Because them doing things together or talking about each other makes me happy.

d) Does that really offend? Guess what, even if it does: it doesn’t matter. You do realize that book signings are public events, right? That this is not some special club reserved for only the highest level of Chris Colfer obsessor. Literally anyone could walk in off the street and stand in line. There is no test you have to pass to be a true enough Colfer stan before his half-second scrawl will grace the pages of the book you just bought. You do not have to prove your worth in any form besides being willing to hand over fifteen bucks for a ticket. If Chris had a signing close enough to me, I would go. Because I like Chris. I’m not a stan. I’m not swearing a blood oath to follow his career or personal life forever. He’s not my idol. He’s not even my favorite actor. But I like him. Just like I like Darren. And if an author/actor/person I like is doing an event near me and it works out that I can go, I will go. 

e) Oh my god, Chris Colfer is a grown ass man and I’m pretty sure he would be more offended by a bunch of butt-clenching hand-wringing internet babysitter-police hybrids that try to act like it is their sworn duty to treat him like six year old who lacks the ability to look at a fan and say, “I don’t want to answer that,” if they ask him something they don’t want to ask. Chris is a 24 year old man with his life under control. Chris has never hesitated in the past to make how he feels about some topics clear. If Chris answers  a question with a smile and a laugh, Chris doesn’t care. It may upset your fragile world balance to contemplate a world where Chris and Darren are or even were friends, but that’s your problem and you’re trying to twist it into some idiotic defense of Chris to make yourself feel like you’re justified for that reaction. Unless actual harassment is occurring, (and no, the name ‘Darren’ itself does not constitute harassment) step the fuck off your high horse.


World cup as the hunger games, waiting to see who will win the world cup!!!!

Anonymous said: Why are you proud of a crazy fandom that calls Chris a liar for saying he is not in a relationship with Darren and equating such shipping to that of being shipped with animals. You people are delusional and heartless. That is nothing to be proud of. You disrespect Chris and Darren along with their significant others--sickening.


I rather be part of a fandom that questions, than ever be part of a fandom that would send out death wishes and accusations of rape. Oh, wait? Not all of you do that? I shouldn’t judge a fandom by the actions of a few? Interesting. Very interesting. I may be “delusional” I may be “Heartless” but at least I don’t spend my free time trolling a tag followed by sending out messages for shits and giggles to people who don’t agree with my thinking. And don’t even act like you don’t. That post only had the key word CrissColfer in it. No where on that bitch did it link to another tag. So I ship a ship that contradicts yours. So I reblog pretty manips and read multiple chaptered words of fiction written by squealing fangirls…who. Freakin.Cares. New flash, the answer is no one. May I suggest a new hobby? Maybe spending a little less time on the internet would do your crazy ass some good. What did you hope to accomplish by sending me that? I’m neither impressed or tiffed, but more so amused. It’s kinda sad that the fact I made a post about CrissColfer shippers being supportive of its fellow members, got your panties so balled up in a twist that you felt the need to click on over to my blog to type out your little message. Sad really.  I truly hope that what ever is going on in your personal life fixes itself. Because apparently something is not right. Nothing but love, anon. Nothing but love.

TLOS3 Signing - GLEE LIVE - Who Won?

  • So excited to meet Chris Colfer and finally get my question answered. Don't think anyone has ever asked because he had to think to figure out the answer.
  • Me: So I've always wanted to ask. At Glee Live, who won between you and Darren?
  • Chris: Huh?
  • Me: You were trying to see who would crack first.
  • Chris: <Laugh> Darren won but only because he broke the rules. We set up rules. No physical contact. So technically I won.
  • Me: Thanks. I've always wanted to know.
  • I got a laugh and a chuckle out of Chris. I'm swooning.
  • Burlington, MA book signing 7/10/2014
  • And I got interviewed by the Boston Globe reporter afterwards.

Anonymous said: Sometimes when I read people claiming that "C would be offended/upset with D if he were in the closet" I can't help but think: if that is true, then shouldn't it mean that C would be offended with Ricky Martin too? Or with Neil and David for hidding 3 years? Shouldn't all the gay comunity of artists be offended with artists who hid in the past? Or is that they understand them and support them for having to hide in this PR-driven showbizz world? Call me crazy, but maybe C understands that too!


I’m so glad you brought this up anon. Thank you. That’s one argument that annoys me - when they say Chris wouldn’t date a guy in the closet or he deserves better. Chris is a smart guy, he knows the business.

I doubt he would think less of people like NPH, Ricky and lance because they hid their sexuality. I’m sure he would be very understanding about it.

And I’m sure he would be supportive and understanding of Darren. He knows how the industry works. He and Darren are friends with Lance and he himself said he would lie to protect his ‘in the closet’ friends in Hollywood. So who’s to say Chris wouldn’t either to help Darren.





this is how americans celebrate 4th of july in london 

-sound of bumbling angry british persons in the distance-

Like you would know what real tea is, you stole it from the Asians





this is how americans celebrate 4th of july in london 


-sound of bumbling angry british persons in the distance-

Like you would know what real tea is, you stole it from the Asians




can you imagine one day logging in and


i wouldnt know what to do

"shit did i post an opinion"


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Don’t they get together in the end?